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Vacuum Cleaner For Artificial Grass (To use in 2021)

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Vacuum Cleaner For Artificial GrassArtificial grass requires a special vacuum cleaner, right? In this post, I will explain the best vacuums for you. A good vacuum cleaner for artificial turf will ensure that you’re left with a super clean surface.

But where do you find the best artificial grass vacuum cleaner? The market presents different models and types, which can make it hard for you to find the ideal model.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Inside this article, you will find the top best models you can buy and a buying guide to make the selection even more straightforward.

How did I make my selection? I went through customer reviews, and the product features to affirm that the products I pick are only the best. Not only are they top rated but also top performing. So they are products you can lay your trusts on.

Top Vacuum Cleaners For Artificial Grass in 2021

1. Vacmaster VK811PH HEPA Vac Cleaner

Vacmaster VK811PH HEPA Vac CleanerThe first best vacuum cleaner for artificial grass is the Vacmaster VK811PH vacuum cleaner, which is an industrial type.

The reason I featured it in the list is the fact that it comes with a powerful 2-stage motor and HEPA filters meaning it’s powerful to collect any foreign materials from the artificial grass and also retain everything in its 8-gallon dust, dirt and debris compartment.

Not only that, it features four level filtration which includes HEPA cartridge filter, exhaust filter, microfiber pre-filter, and a high-efficiency dust filter bag that has a closure flap, all being HEPA compliance.

Impressive, right? Additionally, this cleaner features a lighted plug, foam filter sleeve, and an industrial hose for ensuring all the liquid materials are sucked up.

Features & Pros:

  • Industrial HEPA certified
  • High dust collection efficiency
  • Unrivaled filtration system
  • Reusable HEPA filter
  • Combo floor nozzle


  • Quite heavy
  • Somehow noisy

2. Black & Decker BV3100 Vacuum

Black Decker BV3100 VacuumMy second model is the Black & Decker BV3100, which is a Blower, Mulcher, and Vacuum cleaner. When you lay your eyes on this model for the first time, you might think it’s not worth your time, but believe me, when it comes to cleaning your artificial grass, it’s a model worth your time.

First of all, its mighty suction power and the massive blow tube nozzle sucks any foreign materials from the grass and takes it to the dust-proof bag. The machine operates on two suction speed controls, which allows you to pick the power for each task. The vacuum cleaning mode is ideal for cleaning soil, pine cones, clipping, and twigs.

Features & Pros:

  • Vacuum, Leaf blower, and mulcher
  • Heavy-duty Collection bag
  • Two vacuuming speeds
  • Heavy-duty vacuuming
  • Fast and easy cleanup


  • Not ideal for cleaning dust

3. Karcher S650 Cleaner 

Karcher S650 Cleaner 1Next up is the Karcher S650 vacuum cleaner. The best thing about this sweeper is the fact that it can cover a vast ground in a small period. Not only that, but it also provides unrivaled results, and it lasts for years. Its lightweight design allows you to your artificial grass with ease, while making the carrying much more comfortable.

Additionally, the enormous waste container allows you to have continuous cleaning without the need for emptying. You will also love to hear that it features an intelligently designed body, which makes it comfortable during storage, even in the small spaces.

Features & Pros:

  • Uncomplicated and compact
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Dual spinning brushes
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easy disposal


  • Cleans on relatively touchable debris

4. Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner 

Stanley Wet Dry VacuumVery similar to the first vacuum cleaner, the next is Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum cleaner. It’s a lightweight model with a novel and compact design which makes it robust and portable.

It can be used for quick wet and dry vacuuming jobs in your home, workshop, garage, and vehicle and on your artificial grass. It features a clip lock which offers smooth operation.

Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum also has seal pressure and powerful airflow which when turned on provided efficient suctioning. With its long flexible, non-tangling hose, gulper nozzle and the crevice nozzle, no area will give you problems cleaning. Lastly, the filtration system is a piece of work. It comes with a reusable foam filter and dry filter that has a mounting ring.

Features & Pros:

  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Quick wet and dry cleaning
  • Powerful and portable
  • Rugged construction
  • Reusable dry filter


  • Loud for some customers

5. Numatic GVE370 Cleaner

Numatic GVE370 Hi Power WetThe last best vacuum cleaner for artificial grass is the Numatic GVE370 Top-of-the-line cleaner that comes with a professional accessory kit. The vacuum uses powerful Powerbrush technology to remove any dirt and dust from your artificial grass.

Numatic GVE370 Cleaner also uses the Tritec filter 3-stage filtration system to filter out the dust, odors, and allergens from the air before getting out. By using the two filter systems and the mighty suction power, the vacuum is a well-rounded cleaner that can easily handle daily cleaning chores. The portability of this model allows you to clean all the inches of your home while also having some easy time cleaning the corners of artificial grass.

Features & Pros:

  • High-performance suctioning
  • Third Stainless Steel Extension Tube
  • Dual Scrub/Wet Pick-up Nozzle
  • Fishtail Extraction Nozzle
  • CleanTec Trigger Valve
  • Wide Slide-on Brush


  • Noisy
  • Hard to find spare parts

Vacuum Cleaner For Artificial Grass Buying Guide

Still having issues selecting the best vacuum cleaner for artificial grass? No worries. The following guide will help you settle in a model that will make your cleaning better and easier.

Maneuverability & Portability

How big is your artificial grass? Will it be able to clean all of it with ease? Will it be able to move on the artificial grass quickly and comfortably? How comfortable is it to carry and store the vacuum cleaner? You need to get all these answers if you want to have the best time with your vacuum cleaner. The model should be portable for secure storage and carry. It’s should also be easy to move it around as it does its job.

Suction and power

The cleaning pick-up efficiency lies in the powerfulness and effectiveness of the suction. That means, for you to get the best debris cleaning results, your vacuum cleaner should be powerful enough. You need to ensure that the model you pick gives the necessary power to pullup any foreign material from the artificial grass.

Turbo brush

Some areas will need to be brushed up to remove the embedded dirt, and that will require the use of a powerful brush system. You need to ensure that, the model you decide to take home features a brushing technology/system that will ensure your glass is left as clean as possible.


So, the vacuum cleaner has suctioned dirty air in, how will the air get out. The machine should feature the best filtration system like the HEPA to ensure that no dust and allergens that escape during vacuuming.


No one likes noise disturbance, and that is why you should consider buying a vacuum cleaner with the lowest noise levels. Pick a model that won’t disturb your home residents and the neighbor or cause you hearing problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use detergents while cleaning my artificial grass?

Yes, of course! But you should avoid using industrial strength powders. Use the low suds and neutral detergents as they will not affect or bleach your artificial grass.

Having read the review above, you just went through the best vacuum cleaners for artificial grass available today. The buyer’s guide is there to help you choose your ideal model with ease. You need to utilize this article and make sure you buy a model that will give you a big smile while cleaning and after cleaning your artificial grass.

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